Custom Crafted Newel Post Caps

May 4, 2017-  We are no longer taking orders at this time due to having to build a larger facility.  We hope to begin taking orders again in the fall once we have moved into our larger facility.  Thank you for supporting the small family owned business.

Our Newel Caps

Our current ship time is 10 -15 business days after the order has been purchased.  Please allow us time to make sure your product is perfect for you.  

Trusty Newel Cap

Trusty Size

Stately Newel Cap

Stately Size

Ark Newel Cap

Ark Size

The Trusty Newel Cap is our most ordered item.  It is simple yet perfect for any set of stairs.  This simple post top will give your old posts a whole new simple and clean look. The Stately cap will work well with any size post and will be a very simple, yet bold statement to your stairs.  This newel cap has a large trim at the bottom of the cap that 1 1/16″ tall.    The total cap height is 3 1/16″ and 2″ wider than your actual newel post at its widest point. This cap uses smaller trim than our Trusty Cap and looks great on any size post. The Ark Cap looks great on any post.  It is simple with a 5/8″ trim.  The total height of the cap is 2 5/8″ including the 5/8″ trim that over hangs the post.  The top part of the cap is made to be the exact size of the cap and the total width of the cap is 2″ wider than the cap.
Trusty:  Stately:  Ark:
Curvy Newel CapCurvy Newel Cap TempleTemple Size


GalaxyGalaxy Front
Our most elaborate newel post cap, it comes with the symmetry of the square and the curves of elegance.  The Curvy Newel Post Cap will ad an elegant and elaborate touch to larger newel posts.  Only available for 4” caps or larger. This pyramid newel cap is a bold statement to your stairs.  It has all the right angles with the pyramid on top and a bold cap on bottom.  With the 22 1/2 degree slope on the pyramid part, and the bold trim on the bottom the Temple Pyramid newel cap is your answer to a brand new look on your stairs.  It is a grand statement to your stairs.  This pyramid newel cap will liven any newel, especially made for the larger newels.  The actual total height of the pyramid newel  cap varies directly with the size of your cap. This pyramid newel cap is only made for 4″ posts and larger. Similar to the larger Temple Pyramid Newel Cap, using the zen pyramid newel cap as the focus, the Galaxy Pyramid Newel cap is made with angled edges that all lead to the pyramid shaped peak.  This cap is made for all size posts and will add a since of grandeur to smaller posts as the temple does to the larger posts.
 Curvy:  Temple:   Galaxy: 
Ultra ZenUltra Zen Corner
The Ultra Zen Pyramid Newel Cap is our simplest pyramid newel cap and is designed to install like all of our other caps (sliding over the top of the newel post).  The Ultra Zen Newel cap fits over the post with approximately 1/4″ overhang around the top of your post.  The size of the cap is the size of the post it will fit.
 Ultra Zen:





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