L Bracket Newel Post Installation Method

For newel post installation involving a solid newel or turned newel, the first mounting hardware option is known as the L Bracket. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Cut your newel to length.
  2. Screw the aluminum bracket to the bottom of the post on all 4 sides with the provided screws. (I predrill for screws)l-bracket-kit
  3. Set the newel in the mounting location. (Note:  If on landing tread/ stair nosing in a balcony, I will run long screws through the nosing into the subfloor under the post.)
  4. Screw through the bracket into the floor or tread with the long screws also provided. (Predrill the holes to eliminate splitting).
  5. Check to make sure the newel is plumb, and add shims to adjust it until it is.
  6. If the trim kit (wood base) provided is not already cut to length, cut a 45 degree angle on one end. Holding the extra long piece to the side of the post, flush the cut end to one edge of the post, and mark the other edge for the second 45 degree cut. Do this around all four sides of the post.
  7. Glue the edges of the base pieces and then brad nail (18 gauge) them to the post, making sure to not nail into the metal bracket.

This same mounting application will work for box newels that come with a 4 piece base wrap that has been dadoed out at the bottom to fit over the mounting brackets.

If the base pieces haven’t come dadoed out, you can do this with either a router or a dado blade on a table saw. 9/16″ is the amount of material that will need to be removed from the thickness of the material.

The height to be removed will need to be determined after measuring the height of the bracket and also the actual location of the dado will be determined by where the base will set against the post.

Make sure that when cutting the base wrap to length after the dado is cut, to trim the TOP of the base, not the bottom.

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