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May 4, 2017-  We are no longer taking orders at this time due to having to build a larger facility.  We hope to begin taking orders again in the fall once we have moved into our larger facility.  Thank you for supporting the small family owned business.

Standard Stair Treads

We offer standard stair treads made of high quality oak, whether you want white oak or red oak.  For your open stair case, you can order our double return treads giving your stairs a finished look at all angles.  If you have one side open, then our single return tread is what you would like to order.  All of our treads are 11 1/2″ wide and 1 thick.  All of our treads allow for a 1 1/2″ overhang over the riser.  This overhang allows for a 3/4″ cove underneath the overhang.  The size of your tread is the full coverage of the “run” from the wall or edge of the riser to the outside edge of the riser on the other side.  Please see below for “Measuring Stair Treads.

At this time to order standard Stair treads, you will need to fill out a Contact Us form.  Please be sure to include: the size you need, type of wood and quantity.

Choose the type of tread you need:

Standard Tread


  • Standard Stair Treads:  If your stair case goes up between two walls, then this is the type of tread you need.  It is our most basic tread that fits snugly between two walls giving your stairs the face lift they need.

Single Return tread

  • Single Return Stair Treads:  If your stairs are against a wall on one side and open on the other side, then these treads are the ones suited best for your stairs.  It has a rounded edge and overhang on the side that is open giving it a completely finished look.

Double Return Tread

  • Double Return Treads:  Stairs that are open on both sides need treads with a rounded edge on both sides and the front.  Our double return tread offer just that giving your open stair case the right look from all angles.

Starter Tread Kits

Single Bullnose TreadWhen you want to accent the bottom of the stair case there is not better way to do that than with our Bull Nose Tread Kits.  These treads look great with a box newel, a pin top newel, and a attached volute to the rail.  Iron newels are also an option if your are using an iron balustrade. No matter what you use as newels,  our Bull Nose Treads are the starting point to an awesome staircase.  Each Starter Tread Kit contains:

  • Bull Nose Starter Tread
  • curved riser
  • circle cove and shoe moulding kit

These starter treads like our standard tread are 11 1/2″ wide.  The nosing has a 1 1/2″ overhang.  

Double Bullnose treadWhether your stairs are open only on one side or open on both sides, we have the right starter treads for you.  If your stairs are open on one side, then you need our Single Bullnose Stair Treads.  If the stairs are open on both sides, then our Double Bullnose Stair Treads
are the perfect starter tread for you.

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