DIY Stair Installation

DIY Stair Installation

This is the home page of all of Morvin’s behind the scenes stair installation tips.  As time goes on he will explain how to make those simple changes to the old stairs to turn them back into the younger stairs they once were.

Stair Installation Tip 1:  How to install Newel Posts of all types.

Turned Newels and Box Newels are the two main types of wood newel Stair Installation: Newelposts for stair handrail systems.

Turned Newels are made with a design that is cut either by hand on a turning lathe by a craftsman or manufactured in mass in a stair parts factory.

Box Newels can also be built from scratch by craftsmen or in a factory in bulk.

Post Installation Factors

  • Newel Type: Is the newel solid or hollow?
  • Stair Nosing: Where will my balusters be located on the tread or on the landing tread/ stair nosing?
  • Handrail Return: How does the handrail tie into the newel?
  • Mounting Hardware: What hardware is to be used to mount the newel?

Types of Newel Post Installations:

Keep in mind that if you want your whole stair case remodeled, it might be best to call in a trim carpenter or a stair installer.  If you live with in 90 miles of Greenville, SC, Morvin would be happy to help you with your stair installation.  Check out his installation website at

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