Hollow Base Newel Installation

Glue and Screw Method

This is the easiest method for a hollow base newel installation.

You will need 4 to 6 screws, good carpenter’s glue, and wood filler. Trim head screws work well, because the heads are small and require a small hole, so less filler is needed in the hole. Remember, the glue will be very strong once it dries, the screws are mostly for initial stablility.

  1. Once the newel is cut to length, set in place and check for plumb.
  2. Mark the very corners of the newel so it can be set back in the exact same location.
  3. Remove the newel and put a bead of a carpenter’s glue where the newel base will set.
  4. Set the newel back in place on the glue.
  5. Drill holes at an angle throught the newel base into the floor to accomodate a square drive trim head screw. The closer to the corners you put the screws, the more stability they provide.
  6. Once all the screws are in, check for plumb. If the post needs adjusted, back out the appropriate screws, and use matching wood shims to shim it plumb.
  7. Fill the screw holes with a wood filler that will match the newel.

Fill and Mount Method

This is the second option for a hollow base newel installation. It results in a lot more glue anchoring the newel in place than “Glue and Screw Method”.

  1. Cut piece of 2 X material that will just fit inside the bottom of the newel (snug but not tight).
  2. Cut the newel to length.
  3. Take the scrap cut off and set in place where the newel will be mounted.
  4. Drop the 2 X material inside.
  5. Hold the 2 X in place and remove the newel cut off.
  6. Mark the perimeter of the 2 X and remove.
  7. Using carpenter glue, glue the bottom of the 2 X and nail or screw it down, making sure to not split it.
  8. If you want to stack another piece or two of 2 X onto the first one, you may. The higher this filler is, the harder it will be to plumb your newel if necessary.
  9. Once the 2 X piece is down, you can then glue the edges as well as the floor where the newel base will be setting, and set the newel in place.
  10. Screw trim head screws at an angle into the floor, or straight into the 2 X filler to anchor the newel. You may choose to use a 15ga trim nail through the newel into the filler also.
  11. Be sure the newel is plumbed, then nail it in place.

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