Return Policy


We guarantee that the custom stair parts you order and receive will be free of defects such as splinters or divots, knots or holes, or burn holes from the routers.  All of our custom made stair parts are ready for easy install and finish.  If any product has any of these defects when they arrive to you, please notify us immediately so we can quickly replace the flawed products.

Product Returns and Refunds:

We do not accept returns for wrong sizes being ordered, coloration of the wood, or deciding the product is not what you want.  Since all of our products are custom, if you run across any of these problems then you will be charged a restocking fee if any return is accepted.  These issues are handled on a case by case basis.  To avoid ordering the wrong size, please refer to our measuring guide or contact us with any questions.   No returns will be credited if they are sent back without contacting us first. 

Restocking Fee:  If you ordered a product that is still in good condition, and we are able to resell it, then we will charge you a restocking fee.  This covers the cost on our end of having to accept a return and the fees we obtain for refunds.

How to handle a Return:

If you feel that your product does not meet your standards (either through our guarantee or a customer error), please contact us through the contact us button or by emailing us at    DO NOT send us back the items requesting a refund without speaking to us first.   Many times we can avoid you having to send us the part back at all.


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